What if we have everything we need inside of us?

The IHEART curriculum, uniquely designed to show young people how change only ever happens from the inside-out, is our response to creating this revolutionary shift.

IHEART address the problems facing our young people at its source by focusing on:

  • Education,prevention and sustainable solutions
  • Practically addressing rel issues young people encounter on a daily basis
  • Mental wellness rather than mental illness
  • Learning how to access the innate well being and potential that all people possess
  • understanding the thinking that drives destructive behaviour

Our vision is a step change in how young people perceive their well being and mental health, creating resilient adults and contributing members of society.

As young people experience greater hope and increased resilience, we envisage a transformation in the crisis that the national mental health statistics indicate.

The IHEART curriculum is a education programme which consists of a series of interactive lessons, discussions, activities, self reflections, animations, videos and group exercises.

The IHEART curriculum meets Ofsted and Government requirements.

If your interested or need any further information, please contact Sue Anderson on 01642 248704  (mobile 07566201141)