Together We Can

Who we are and how we started

Breckon Hill Community Centre was built in February 2004 to support both local residents and the wider community with the opportunity to gain new skills and increase social interaction within a safe and friendly environment.

Located just a short walk away from the town centre, we offer a variety of services, a programme of training and facilities tailored to meet community needs.

Breckon Hill Community Centre is a safe, modern, friendly environment used by the whole community..

Our aims and objectives are to provide educational, recreational, and social opportunities for the whole community of Middlesbrough.


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Working as one

Meet the team

Amanda has managed the centre since the doors open in 2004 and has experience of managing facilities in rural and urban communities.  Amanda has managed several facilities at the same time, applying and sharing best practice between Charitable organisations.

Amanda Buck

Centre Manager

Shirley Robinson has been involved in the organisation since it started as a Residents Association back in 1998.  Shirley has carried out many roles during this time and is currently the Treasurer.

Shirley’s commitment, to representing her community, is evident from the length of time she has been involved.

Shirley Robinson


Sean Hickman resumed position as Secretary in 2019 after being employed by the Charity in a Business Administration role. 

After pursuing another career Sean was adamant, he wanted to support the organisation’s development and give something back to the Charity by becoming a Trustee.

Sean Hickman


Arthur West joined the Charity in 2012 when an opportunity arose to represent the community in particular planning decisions, being proposed for the local area.  Instrumental in gathering data and advocating for his community Arthur has continued to bring valuable proposals to the table and assist support the Charity to implement new projects.

Arthur West


Jenny Dowsett originally volunteered at the Community Centre as an ESOL teachers’ assistance and very quickly became involved in the organisation.  Jenny has a wealth of knowledge both local and political that assists with steering the strategic direction of the Charity.  Jenny has served as the Chairperson since 2019

Jennifer Dowsett


Linda Lewis is a local Councillor for the Central Ward of Middlesbrough and joined the board in an advisory capacity during 2019.  Linda who also lives locally has an abundance of local knowledge and history and is able to represent the Charity in many forums.

Linda Lewis


Salma Dinn joined the board in 2019 after making a general enquiry about the organisation.  Salma is very passionate and skilled in social media/technology and brings many suggestions to the meetings, ensuring the Charity has a visual and transparent image.

Salma Din


Hugh Mcshane has over 30 years’ experience of working and supporting the voluntary sector and is instrumental in sharing his knowledge and experiences.  Hugh’s carer history validates his ability to think creatively and spontaneously.

Hugh McShane


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Iluana Dura


Gillian Thompson has been involved in the organisation since around 1996 as her father Ron Farthing was one of our original founders.  Gill has carried out many roles including working in the Café and cleaning but recently due to ill health stepped down to become a volunteer at the Eco Shop.  Gill co-ordinates the Fareshare deliveries and works hard to reduce food waste in the community.

Gillian Thompson


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